On behalf of the members of Community Board Number 9 (CB9), we welcome you to one of the most diverse and exciting communities on the island of Manhattan. CB9 includes the neighborhoods of Morningside Heights, Manhattanville, Hamilton Heights, and the historic Sugar Hill District. Within CB9’s boundaries are world-class institutions – Columbia University, The City College of New York, and Riverbank State Park, the third-most-visited state park in New York State. When you add the new Harlem Piers on the stunning Hudson River waterfront to that monumental mix, you begin to understand why West Harlem is one of the most unique neighborhoods in the world.

CB9’s neighborhoods are etched with the history of America. Alexander Hamilton’s home sits in St. Nicholas Park. The tomb of Civil War hero and former President Ulysses S. Grant lies on beautiful Riverside Drive, where author Ralph Ellison worked and lived. And music aficionados have listened to jazz greats at the famous St. Nicks Pub for decades.

But while CB9 honors its past, its focus is on the future. Columbia’s $7B expansion presents unique challenges and opportunities for this area, and the Board is at the forefront of the first rezoning of West Harlem in more than 40 years. CB9 is taking proactive steps to balance gentrification along with affordable housing while simultaneously expanding economic opportunities for West Harlem businesses and residents.

CB9 is committed to transparency and providing the community with the information it needs to make informed decisions about our future. We are here to serve West Harlem, and we look forward working with you to make West Harlem a safe and exciting place to live and work.

As Chair of Community Board 9 Manhattan, I am proudly honored to welcome you to our website.


Hon. Victor Edwards
Chair of Manhattan Community Board 9